Dietary department

Dietary Department with therapeutic dietary kitchen was started on 1/11/2001. 400 patients per day have been supplied food with free of cost on their bed side.  
The dietary department is managed by the Hospital Development Society under the chairmanship of the District Collector of Ernakulam. The Dietary Department of Ernakulam General Hospital is Kerala’s first Govt. Hospital to provide food at free of cost to all the inpatients as per the diet specifications and disease conditions.

The purpose of the Dietary Department is to provide high quality, nourishing and therapeutic meals which will meet the nutritional needs of the patients under diseased conditions as prescribed by the dietitian. All dietary services will take place in a safe and hygienic environment.
All patients in ward referral are being assessed and patients are advised on diet in presence of their bystanders as per their medical condition. Nutrition education will be carried out as per the low cost, locally available nutritious food. Out patients are also seen by the dietitian and approximately 2500 patients are given diet counseling by the dietitians every year in General Hospital, Ernakulam.

Outpatient counseling
  • Diet councelling for the out patient caters to the diabetic , cardiovascular and various therapeutic requirements
  • Patient and families are educated on diet.
  Inpatient nutritional assessment
  • Counseling to all therapeutic patients regarding the diet.
  • Nutritional status assessment
  • Patient receives food according to the clinical needs like diabetic, cardiovascular, renal and various therapeutic needs.
  • Special diets are monitored by the Dietician (  including tube feeding)
  • The tube feeding patients are take care without any malnourishment.
  • Govt supplied diet is modified and utilized for the patients.
  • Patient food are supplied in the ward and the bystanders foods are supplied in the dining hall.
  • Different types of therapeutic provided in the hospital are Diabetic diet, Fat free diet, Low sodium diet, High Protein diet, Salt restricted diet, Liquid diet, Semisolid/Soft diet  Ryle’s tube feed and Jujunostomy feed.  
A diet is planned with adequate calories, fat, proteins, minerals and vitamins essential for the physical well being of the patient. The planned menu contains food from all the five food groups. The individual’s likes and dislikes are also considered.